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Essentials of the Soul

Tranquil Wata

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Tranquil  Wata Sacred Space Spray provides all the beautiful elements to cleanse and calm yourself or space. Use it before sleep, or anytime you want to instill tranquility in your life.

Tranquil Wata Sacred Space Spray is an excellent energy cleansing alternative to smoke cleansing. This fine mist spray provides all the benefits of smoke cleansing, but without the smoke. Great for those who are respiratory compromised or for those who do not care for the aroma of smoke. Light and gently scented. Simply spray yourself or your space.

Each sacred spray is intentionally handmade with crystal infused moon water, a blend of tranquil essential oils and natural, organic witch hazel and herbs. 

The practice of energy cleansing has limitless creative possibilities for the individual who wishes to practice it such as purifying, meditation, plant medicine ceremonies. The possibilities are endless.

Please make sure to always shake the bottle before each use. If the nozzle becomes clogged, first remove it from the bottle and run it under hot water to loosen/remove essential oil residue. If the nozzle is still not working/spraying after that, either soak the nozzle in rubbing alcohol which will help remove essential oil residue.



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